1.5 National construction industry policy, Uganda

Uganda's national construction industry policy seeks to improve coordination, regulation and development of a sector that remains fragmented and largely dependent on foreign contractors and consultants. This support is in line with government policy on local capacity building and privatisation. A strategic objective is that 80% of all services in the construction industry are provided by the private sector by 2015.

The document details seven specific policy objectives and the related actions to be taken:

The document also includes an implementation strategy – publicising the policy, collaborating with the Ministry of Finance and seeking funding – and a financing plan. The budget is USD 4 million (UGX 8 billion) over the five-year period.

Issuing body: Ministry of Works and Transport, Republic of Uganda
Type: Policy document
Status: Final
Policy for development and strengthening the national construction industry
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Year of publication: 2010
Number of pages: 66