Using the Resource Centre

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We've designed the RIC Resource Centre site to be very easy to use and search in a variety of different ways. The basic points to be aware of are the "Section tabs" and the "Search box".

Resource Centre sections tab

The "Resource Centre sections" tab at the top of the homepage opens a drop down menu. You can use this menu to quickly browse to the subject area that interests you, and then read a list of all the summaries/documents that fall within that subject area.

The search box

The search box on the homepage (which also appears on every other page of the site) allows you to search for documents in lots of different ways.

Using document codes: You can type in the unique document code given at the bottom of each summary in the handbook, and the search engine will provide you with a link to the summary and the full document it refers to.

Simple word search: You can also search for specific words or acronyms. So, for example, searching for "EAC" will call up all documents containing "EAC".

Match all search words: For more precision, you can also tick the “all search words” button under the search box on the homepage. Choosing this option and searching for "Northern Corridor" will only return documents containing both words.

Excluding words: You can also exclude words by using a hyphen (without a gap) before any word in the search box. So a search for "EAC -trade" would return only documents that contain the word "EAC" and do not contain the word "trade".

Wildcards, using the *: You can use an asterisk (*) to stand in for letters in a word when you want to search for variations of that word. So a search for financ* would return only documents containing words like finance, financing, financial, etc. Wildcards, using the ?: The question mark allows you to search a document and replaces any given character. So, for example, if you wanted to search for an acronym and you weren’t sure of one of the letters you could search for CO?T. This will bring up any documents containing words such as COST, coat and colt.