9 CrossRoads reports

CrossRoads is a four year programme funded by the UK Department for International Development and the European Union to improve the quality of the road network in Uganda. Its purpose is to improve the efficiency of government expenditure on roads towards two key outputs: public institutions better able to manage the road network, and increased capability and competition in the roads sector.

The overarching approach applied in CrossRoads is market systems development. This approach supports key stakeholders in the roads sector in tackling blockages and opportunities. It also creates a more competitive domestic road construction and maintenance industry by supporting institutions with a proven track record in delivering finance, equipment and technical and business management skills to contractors.

This section includes an inception report prepared by the CrossRoads Secretariat that provides an overview of the approach and work schedule of the CrossRoads programme, together with appendices of individual reports that formed the basis for the development of programme. It also includes the results of an annual road user satisfaction survey; a short report on the progress made in improving Uganda's road sector; key findings of a study of institutional constraints in the Ugandan road sector; and a report on the Road Industry Council's advocacy workshop.