2 Road funding, economics and procurement

Adequate road funding is a prerequisite for both new road construction and subsequent road maintenance. In determining which new roads need to be constructed and what level of maintenance is required to protect the initial investment, decision makers should aim for the best economic return on the investment made. For fairness and transparency, road programmes should follow internationally accepted procurement procedures and guidelines.

This section includes details on funding provided by the Government of Uganda, in particular those funds provided by the Uganda Road Fund, and how this is allocated for maintaining road infrastructure. Other reports address the use of economic models such as the Highway Design and Maintenance Standards Models (HDM-III and HDM-IV) as a tool for prioritising the allocation of road maintenance funds as well as assessing the effectiveness of road fund strategies throughout the world. The section further provides insight into procurement procedures in use in Uganda as well as by international funding institutions such as the European Union and the World Bank.