1.4 Country assistance strategy progress report, Uganda

This report shows that the World Bank Group's country assistance strategy for 2011–2015 remains relevant. However, significant adjustments are proposed, reflecting the recent governance and development challenges facing Uganda.

High-level corruption cases in 2012 resulted in a disruption of aid flows and reconfirmed the need to improve governance. The Bank has already responded by linking recent fund disbursements to satisfactory implementation of a government-led plan to strengthen key governance systems and improve accountability.

The World Bank will shift the emphasis from budget support to larger, transformational operations designed to end extreme poverty and promote shared prosperity. There will be a greater focus on infrastructure, agricultural productivity and market access, training and skills development, and expectations management in the oil region. Development policy lending will become more selective, although it may be used to support governance or sector reforms. Lastly, the Bank will broaden governance support to strengthen transparency and accountability in the use of public resources.

Issuing body: World Bank
Type: Report
Status: Final
Country assistance strategy progress report for the Republic of Uganda for the period financial year 2011 to financial year 2015
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Year of publication: 2013
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