1.9 East African Community's Roads Development Programme and Transport Strategy

This document presents the main findings of the final report on the East African Community's regional Roads Development Programme and Transport Strategy, as well as related working papers. The study area comprises all five East African Community countries as well as neighbouring states and regions.

After a consideration of the background (Section 1) and an overview of the study area (Section 2), Section 3 covers land use and settlement while Section 4 looks at transport demand. Section 5 contains an analysis of transport system performance and Section 6 provides a projection of how the system is likely to evolve. In Section 7, priority projects are identified, including some rail and road projects in Uganda. This is followed by information on the strategic budget (Section 8). Section 9 contains the implementation plan and a table showing individual projects with their estimated costs.

Issuing body: East African Community
Type: Report
Status: Final
EAC Roads Development Programme and Transport Strategy. Summary strategy
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Year of publication: 2010
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