1.8 The UK's development programme in Uganda

This slide presentation by the United Kingdom's Department for International Development (DFID) outlines the department's 2011–2015 operational plan in Uganda. It follows the release of a bilateral aid review commissioned by the UK government in 2010. The review focused on tackling poverty while ensuring value for money and also assessed the international organisations that DFID funds.

In the four year plan, DFID intends to focus on areas where it has comparative strengths. It will withdraw from agriculture, tax administration and public sector reform. But, among other things, it will aid the health sector in areas that are off target, focus efforts in northern Uganda, address poor transport infrastructure and help young people access skills and opportunities. It will also support the Ugandan government in many areas.

The presentation also outlines how DFID will achieve value for money, partner with aid agencies, evaluate the results of its efforts and strengthen aid transparency.

Issuing body: Department for International Development
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Operational plan 2011–2015. DFID Uganda
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Year of publication: 2011
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