1.3 Political economy of road reform in Uganda

This report undertakes a study of the donors and investors influencing the development of Uganda's roads. It builds on previous work showing that investment in roads directly influences economic growth.

It provides an insight into the political context of policy making in Uganda with regard to how roads are being built and roads policy reformed. It discusses the major stakeholders behind this. It then suggests three potential scenarios created by the substantial shift in presidential priorities and policy making style in the country.

The report also discusses the challenge of economic growth in Uganda and the cost of investment in and reform of roads. It considers the sustainability and suitability of the roads budget and asks how various stakeholders are involved in this. Finally, it queries the difficulties for suppliers and other important pressures governing Ugandan road development.

The change process, communications, dialogue and lowering barriers to change are debated. This analysis uses documentary information, previous information-gathering activities in Uganda and interviews and conversations.

Issuing body: Overseas Development Institute
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Status: Working paper
Aiding economic growth in Africa. The political economy of roads reform in Uganda
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Year of publication: 2009
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