1.10 National climate change policy, Uganda

The overarching objective of this multisector national climate change policy is to ensure that stakeholders, including the transport sector, address climate change. The predicted impacts of climate change threaten Uganda's vital transport infrastructure, such as roads and bridges. Also, the transport sector is the largest national contributor of greenhouse gases.

The policy pays attention both to climate change adaptation and to reducing greenhouse gas emissions (mitigation). The report contains a brief analysis of the challenges for the transport sector, policy responses and specific strategies with regard to adaptation. In order to adapt to climate change, transport plans and infrastructure management must reflect climate predictions. The report also contains an analysis of the sector with regard to mitigation. The priorities are to develop and implement a long-term transport policy and plan in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, shift to using less carbon-intensive fuels in vehicles and promote 'clean' modes of transport.

Issuing body: Ministry of Water and Environment, Republic of Uganda
Type: Report
Status: Final
Uganda national climate change policy
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Year of publication: 2012
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