11/12/13: Sector Analysis, Institutional Change and Advocacy Report

This is the essential background document to the RIC's change in direction towards its new influencing and advocacy role. 

You can also download an abridged version of this report, here>>>


11/12/13: Report of RIC Influencing and Advocacy Workshop

Here is the official consultant's report on the Influencing and Advocacy Workshop attended by the RIC members in August. 

This training was given to prepare the RIC for its new role.


14/10/13: CrossRoads Report: Two years of progress towards improving Uganda's Road Sector 

This report outlines CrossRoads' work during the last two years and the thinking behind it. Measurable impacts on the sector include 438 contractors currently being given in-depth training in business skills, a new state-of-the-art facility set up to train equipment operators, a range of innovative proposals from Ugandan companies being funded through the CrossRoads 

Challenge Fund, and the fact that contractors have already used the Programme's Construction Guarantee Fund to bid on UGX 60 billion (around USD 25 million) worth of contracts that they might otherwise not have been able to tender for.