Issue papers

RIC has commissioned studies to provide evidence on issues that have been identified as constraints to the development of a competitive roads industry in Uganda. The findings of each study have been synthesised to produce the following Issues Sheets. These are being used to raise awareness of the issues, and to engage relevant institutions and policy makers in dialogue to influence reform.

RIC Issues Sheet 6: November 2014 – Poor road contract performance: Are briefcase contractors the cause?

The sixth RIC Issues Sheet focuses on one important issue: ‘briefcase’ contractors – who bid for work (and win it) but do not have the necessary expertise to complete it. It outlines the need to improve registration of contractors to keep better control of those who work for GoU.


RIC Issues Sheet 5: October 2014 – The way forward: A Roads Industry Development Strategy

The fifth RIC Issues Sheet explains some of the policy action points required to create the competitive, private-sector driven roads industry that Uganda needs.


RIC Issues Sheet 4: September 2014 – Why change is needed: The challenges facing Uganda's roads industry

The third RIC Issues Sheet gives an overview of the main blockages and challenges in the industry, highlighting reasons why change is necessary. 


RIC Issues Sheet 3: May 2014 – Rejuvenating Uganda's road sector: Focusing roads policies 

The third RIC Issues Sheet focuses on the issue of balancing the use of force account with needs of the private sector to push forwards the improvements of Uganda’s roads.


RIC Issues Sheet 2: November 2013 – Adding value to the whole economy: Maintaining Uganda's Roads 

The second RIC Issues sheet explains the issue of poor road maintenance in Uganda, and suggests what the country can do to turn this problem around. 


RIC Issues Sheet 1: July 2013 – The Roads Industry Council: Representing Uganda's Road Sector 

The first RIC Issues sheet is a general introduction to the Roads Industry Council. It explains background information including what the RIC is, who it's composed of, and what its focus and goals are.